A Hole in My Genes: A Memoir

MoshPit Publishing, 2019
Author: Dr Jodie Fleming (1972 - )
ISBN: 978-1-1922261-23-6
Subjects: Biography & Autobiography; Personal Memoirs Women; Medical; Social Scientists & Psychologists

Dr Jodie Fleming, a clinical & health psychologist once specialised in the field of psycho-oncology - the human side of cancer. In 2010 at the age of thirty-seven, she receives the terrifying news that she has two primary breast cancers. This becomes a frightening opportunity to practice what she preaches.

The doctor becomes the patient.

Having cared for her husband with testicular cancer eight years earlier and dedicating her career to helping others with cancer, Jodie understands the role of caregiver both on a personal and professional level. The role of patient, however is another matter. The diagnosis comes exactly one month after the end of her marriage.

What ensues is the epitome of complicated grief and a foray into the world of cancer from the other side of the desk.

Jodie relocates interstate to her parents’ home in country Victoria for a healthy dose of family dysfunction. Genetic testing and a prophylactic hysterectomy adds salt to the open wound of infertility and viciously rubs it in.

Forced to draw upon the psychological strategies she’d previously taught her clients, Jodie begins her true education.

A Hole in My Genes is Jodie’s journey from that terrifying diagnosis to a cancer free future.

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