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Welcome to Dr Jodie Fleming’s website dedicated to the launch of her first book, A Hole in My Genes: A Memoir, in February 2019.

Founder of The Psychology of It, an avid, curious and open observer of human behaviour, Jodie craved a way of combining her passion for all things psychological with her favourite pastime of writing.

In 2016, The Psychology of It was born. What began with a website now includes a 3500 strong Facebook VillageInstagram pageYouTube Channel, Spotify playlists, resource lists and stacks of user-friendly tools.

But before The Psychology of It, there was a book.

A Hole in My Genes.

A clinical & health psychologist once specialising in the field of psycho-oncology - the human side of cancer – Jodie relied on writing in a way she’d never done before when in 2010 at the age of thirty-seven, she received two primary breast cancer diagnoses.

Having cared for her husband with testicular cancer eight years earlier and dedicating her career to helping others with cancer, Jodie understood the role of caregiver both on a personal and professional level. The role of patient, however, was another matter.

Forced to draw upon the psychological strategies she’d previously taught her clients, Jodie began her true education and returned to a childhood love of writing to cope with her greatest challenge. She began by writing letters to her Nan, a way of journaling and processing her daily experiences on the cancer circuit.

Jodie’s love of writing continues and this website will provide insight not only into her work on her second and third books, but her speaking events and work as a psychologist.

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