• A Hole In My Genes

    Available now in paperback and eBook from local  booksellers and all good online bookstores

A Hole In My Genes

Available now in paperback and eBook from local booksellers and all good online bookstores

  • Reading ‘A Hole in my Genes' - even 40 years after my own experience with cancer - has provided me with valuable insights as to why I became who I became. It has also exposed and explained some unresolved issues from my time with, and immediately post, cancer. I only wish this book had been available then!

    Bruce Esplin AM - Cancer survivor/Former Victorian Emergency Services Commissioner

  • A Hole in My Genes: A Memoir is engaging. It's not a cancer story. It's about love, loss, sex, family, disappointment, encouragement. It's consuming reading, I finished it in a night, captivated by "what happens next?" Although, I knew every part of the story and the conclusion, as I am Jodie's oncologist. I learnt about me, but more importantly, how a trained psycho-oncologist deals with her own cancer diagnosis. Funny. Raw. Honest. This book gives humanity to the cancer experience.

    Dr Terri Hayes, Medical Oncologist

  • Apply enough intense heat and pressure and you may just end up with a diamond. This diamond is Jodie Fleming. Candid. Brave. Brutal. Quirky. Brilliant. A writing style that immerses you in her journey in the most visceral sense. As a health professional 'A Hole in My Genes' has given me invaluable insight. As a young woman, it made me laugh, reflect, and left me with renewed inspiration for life.

    Dr Belinda Bell, General Practitioner

  • A Hole in My Genes is my new personal and professional favourite book to recommend anyone who has experience with cancer, whether themselves or a loved one. What an inspiring and educational book that ultimately gives you hope. It is a fantastic read and a valuable life resource! Thank you, Jodie for sharing your amazing story with us with such great wisdom, honesty and humour!

    Dr Tanya Hanstock, Senior Lecturer, Senior Clinical Psychologist, Director of the Clinical Psychology Program, University of Newcastle

  • I devoured the book in a few days. I laughed at unpredictable moments, I cried often and I also learnt a lot as Jodie shares her wisdom on what helped, on what didn't and on how to navigate treatment and life after a diagnosis of cancer. This book is for anyone who is going through treatment or has a loved one who is. An incredibly emotional, informative and inspiring read packed with honesty, practical strategies and what to expect. I absolutely loved it.

    Dr Susanna Zito, Clinical Psychologist

  • I have been working in oncology for the past twelve years, and in that time, I have met hundreds, if not thousands of people who become acquainted with the world of uncertainty, panic, and terror that comes with a cancer diagnosis. Jodie has provided an intimate and beautiful insight into what it means to be thrown into the swell of this, to be held under the water and have moments of feeling that she would never find the surface again. I imagine that Jodie’s words, and the sharing of the strategies that have worked for her will mean that the people who pick up “A Hole in My Genes” will find comfort and a gentle nudge toward feeling much more understood.

    Dr Toni Lindsay, Clinical & Health Psychologist and Author of Cancer, Sex, Drugs and Death A Clinician Guide to the Psychological Management of Young People with Cancer

  • I have recently requested to engage in more cancer care work and am meeting a beautiful lady with lung cancer tomorrow. Your memoir has given me so much more of an insight than any treatment guidelines have.

    Jodi Wittenberg, Provisional Psychologist

  • And so, with an "I want to go to NYC sigh" and bittersweet smile - I've finished. It's beautiful Jodie - enjoyable like Hannah Gadsby’s Nanette is enjoyable. You laugh, you cry, you swear and quietly nod along in agreement to those parts that resonate. Because it's not just a story about cancer survival really is it? It’s about grief and loss, relationships, societal vs personal values, soul searching, health, wellbeing, fear, mortality and why the superficial "positive thinking" is a bullshit blame game.

    Rachele Sloane, Student Wellbeing Coordinator

  • Are you supporting someone living with cancer? A loved one? A patient? A client? If so, you need to read this book. A Hole in My Genes will give you great insight into the experiences of a person living with cancer, battling through treatment and trying to maintain their sense of self amidst an avalanche of impositions. Jodie masterfully weaves these lessons through her story to help you to understand what they are experiencing, their fears and hopes and how to support them. A Hole in My Genes will give hope, insight and validation to patients, survivors, loved ones and professionals.

    Tasha Broomhall, Director and lead facilitator for Blooming Minds Mental Health and Wellbeing and author of Bloom! Mental Health & Wellbeing.

  • I started reading it last night & finished it today. I couldn't stop! It was incredible. So real & raw. So brilliant to read about it from not only a young woman’s perspective, but also as a health professional.

    Lauren Hart, Registered Nurse

  • It’s impossible to find the words to describe the emotions I felt while reading this book. Jodie is such a talented story teller. As a result, every recollection is so vivid it allows the reader to feel the fear and uncertainty of the moment. All the while, Jodie’s bubbly optimism and lust for life shine through every page.

    Danielle Buzgalo, Educational Psychologist

  • Sharing the author’s life for that moment in time has stayed with me. I will think back on the life lessons expressed through the author’s voice often. A thoughtful and honest book.

    Alana Jardine, Veterinarian

  • OMG!!!! Get out the tissues, your favourite rug a cuppa and the chocolate! Raw, honest, and a stark reminder that fate can be an absolute bitch!!!

    Anita Singh, Diabetes Educator

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